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Life Philosophy

To understand life consider death. When you die, how will you differ from how you are right now? At the first moment of death although physically there will be little change, you will no longer be able to move, sense, speak, feel, or care. At this point you will finally understand what life really is, a struggle in which you achieve nothing. You are in a different state of being where the psyche takes flight at your last breath.

What is a life philosophy?
The philosophy of life is a basic part of life studies. It is the role of a philosophy of life to deeply consider such questions as what is life, what is death and what is one's destiny.
The philosophy of life is the studying of life. It is a way to uncover the principles needed to guide one's life. Many may ask what life is all about. What is its purpose? This is a question that is probably common to all walks of man. Some may questions such things as why they are reading a particular book or even looking for a job. They question why they allow themselves to struggle to the heights. In light of the knowledge that some day all this will be left behind, what, they may ask, is the reason for it. They question what their destiny in life may be, or where they will go after they die. They seek principles with which to live their lives. Those who know the way have little trouble following the path of life.

Enquiring philosophically into the basic concepts concerning life, death and destiny.

It is the purpose of life studies to help us live our life although limited, without regrets, and to fulfill our destiny here on earth. We must first therefore understand what a limited life means. All of us will die at some time. How does this affect us individually? This is a difficult question. Some may see life as a long journey. Only when we run into a wall do we know that we have a limited life. The real purpose of a limited life is to keep ourselves occupied and also to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
When things are good we pay little thought to philosophical things but when we are in pain, then we do. We all have a mission in life. Therefore we seek to know our destiny. We are all created for a life purpose. Just as we all have different names and varying backgrounds, so our destinies also differ. If we die at a young age but fulfill that destiny, there is no problem. Having impacted others lives positively, we gain our reward. But to achieve our goal in life, we must first discover what it is. This may be our weak point in life. By exploring the powers of our minds we can achieve our destiny in life.

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