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Dealing With Life

Although everyone may have their own view of life, life for most is risk. It is something that everyone must go through. Some do it while being brave and confident while others are timid and fearful.
Everyone one who is born must deal with risk. The brave see this as a challenge while cowards receive it with helplessness as an endless path of rebirths. They see life as being tough. They do want to have to choose but want to do what they want. They see life as not only gain but loss and therefore a disappointment.
For the brave life is a challenge while being a struggle. The coward see life as tragic and dies many deaths. For them whether or not they get what they want, they see it as tragedy.
These are those who are most discontent. When they do not get what they want, they feel disappointed; try to end their lives. They try to gain salvation by becoming saints and sages or they may even try to snatch other people's achievements.
Those who can deal with a challenge like to face life with their eyes wide open. They are conscious in what they are doing and walk by faith and not by sight. They hope always for the best but are prepared to deal with the worst. They alone really know how best to deal with life. They are ready to make sacrifices but only within limits. It is the cowards who sacrifice their whole life for others. The bold see life as give and take. Such as to love and be loved, to give and to receive.
They see life as love and love as life. They believe that love is eternal and never dies. There therefore cannot be life without love. The spiritual death of love means the spiritual death of life. Without love we really don't have unity between soul and body.
It is also believed that those who worship God with their heart are the happiest. Happens is akin to God and those who gain it also gain God. One should leads one's life in a way that please God so that God will be happy with him or her and accept them as his disciple sharing in his consciousness.
There is no greater happens in life than knowing that we are loved, that we have love for our self as well as for others.
People who pray believe in it because of their belief that it changes them, that it deepens our insight, increases our intuitive perception and expands our consciousness. Prayer puts us on the side of God.

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